Poetry by Chloe N. Clark

Cover art courtesy Nana Masyuk-Frantsuzova

We’re delighted to share our latest poetry release, due out March 7, 2022. Chloe N. Clark is a force in speculative poetry and perhaps one of the most prolific speculative poets of our time. We are honored to publish her work.

Escaping the Body: Poems by Chloe N. Clark

Chloe N. Clark’s poetry collection takes readers through a…


The NSFW Passion Project of a Stop-Motion Artist Who Never Gave Up on His Art is the Perfect Reflection of Today’s Bizarro Alternate Timeline

“The final form of Mad God isn’t the film itself, but the memory after you watch it. It’s bringing you to that moment just after waking up from a dream, frozen, exploring fragments of your feral mind before they fade back into the shadows. That’s the moment. Mad God is…

Writing Tips

Accepting the Ephemeral and Imperfect in Your Craft

Image courtesy Viktoria Alipatova

Have no fear of perfection — you’ll never reach it.

Salvador Dali

As a freelance editor, one of the main problems my writers face is the ideal of perfection. I struggle with this myself as a writer. If my project isn’t complete, it feels utterly imperfect, and that creates a…


No Matter What You Do, Writing a Book can Help You Succeed…And Make Money!

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

I probably don’t have to extoll the virtues of publishing a book as far as tie-ins to business goes.

Thousands of business owners have dived into publishing as a way to reach more customers and engage their clientele. Whether it’s Standard Baking (my favorite little bakery in Portland, Maine), who…

Holly Lyn Walrath

I'm a writer, editor, publisher, and poet. I write about writing. Find me online at or on Twitter @HollyLynWalrath!

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