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Hi! I’m Holly Lyn Walrath and I’m a poet, editor, writer, publisher, and freelancer. My poetry and short fiction has appeared in Strange Horizons, Fireside Fiction, Daily Science Fiction, Luna Station Quarterly, Liminality, and Analog. …

Film, Horror

New Thriller MIDNIGHT is a Heart-Pounding Exploration of Deafness

After all, horror loves nothing if not capitalizing on putting women in danger.

If you loved A Quiet Place (2018) and K-dramas, Midnight (Tving, 2021) is the thriller for you. The film follows the story of Kyung Mi (played by Ki-Joo Jin), a deaf woman working at a call center…


The NSFW Passion Project of a Stop-Motion Artist Who Never Gave Up on His Art is the Perfect Reflection of Today’s Bizarro Alternate Timeline

“The final form of Mad God isn’t the film itself, but the memory after you watch it. It’s bringing you to that moment just after waking up from a dream, frozen, exploring fragments of your feral mind before they fade back into the shadows. That’s the moment. Mad God is…


Aelita, a 1920s Russian Silent Film about Soviet Utopias, Free Speech, and Sex Queens from Mars

Not to be dramatic, but I would build a spaceship and fly to Mars and start a proletariat revolution for Aelita Queen of Mars. …

The Business of Writing

Make $100 an Hour Talking About Your Book

Courtesy Pixabay

If you’ve ever wondered how the most successful writers make money beyond just book sales, one very lucrative and fun stream of income is library visits!

Libraries often have funds they use to pay instructors and authors for readings, workshops, and other events that draw in patrons. These funds might…

Writing Tips

Accepting the Ephemeral and Imperfect in Your Craft

Image courtesy Viktoria Alipatova

Have no fear of perfection — you’ll never reach it.

Salvador Dali

As a freelance editor, one of the main problems my writers face is the ideal of perfection. I struggle with this myself as a writer. If my project isn’t complete, it feels utterly imperfect, and that creates a…


Where Have All the Chivalrous Men Gone?

Images courtesy A24

And when that baron bold had Britain made, I trow,
Bold men were bred therein, who loved strife well enow,
And many a war they waged in those good days of yore —
Of marvels stern and strange, in this land many more

The latest from A24 studios, The Green…


Live Q&A with Author Amelia Gorman

My dearest haunted landscapes,

This is just a note to let you know that you can SAVE THE DATE for our next book launch and Q&A!

Join Interstellar Flight Press for an online launch party for Amelia Gorman, author of Field Guide to Invasive Species of Minnesota

Event Details:



No Matter What You Do, Writing a Book can Help You Succeed…And Make Money!

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

I probably don’t have to extoll the virtues of publishing a book as far as tie-ins to business goes.

Thousands of business owners have dived into publishing as a way to reach more customers and engage their clientele. Whether it’s Standard Baking (my favorite little bakery in Portland, Maine), who…


Creating a Safe Space for Your Writing in a Notebook

Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

Right now, I think we’re all struggling to get by as writers. When I poll my writer friends on their current writing life, everyone says that it’s a struggle to get words on paper. So keeping a journal ABOUT your writing might feel counter-intuitive.

Holly Lyn Walrath

I'm a writer, editor, publisher, and poet. I write about writing. Find me online at or on Twitter @HollyLynWalrath!

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